How to Counter the Retrieving Style

The retriever is one of the most difficult and frustrating type of opponent to compete against. Just as the name implies, the retriever is usually fast and can run everything down, retrieving even your most amazingly placed shots. In this week’s tip Coach Ean gives you five tools you can use to win against a retriever.

  1.  Be patient. Retrievers usually love to run and don’t miss. You have to be patient against this type of player. It’s going to take a while to break down their game.
  2. Bring them to the net. Most retrievers don’t like to play at the net, so you’ll want to bring them to the net with some well placed, short balls.
  3. Go to the net yourself. Retrievers like to chase down balls, not make decisions. Use this against them by moving forward to the net yourself. This will force them to decide how they can lob or hit the ball past you.
  4. Rob your opponent of pace. Most retrievers enjoy playing against pace. Hit slower and rob your opponent of pace. This will force them to generate their own pace (another decision!).
  5. Hit your second serve first. Using your second serve first is a great way to rob your opponent of pace. This will force your opponent to come up with some real shots, which they typically don’t have.

Watch the video below to hear Ean discuss these strategies and tell us what ideas you may have in the comments below.

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