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Our mission

Tennis.Pro was founded with one goal in mind: to help you unlock your individual tennis potential. Rather than teaching you a style of play, at Tennis.Pro we focus on helping players develop solid fundamentals through our See Move Execute (SME) system. SME will help you develop your awareness, movement, tactical and technical skills.

Our offerings:

  • Weekly tips – Sign up here to get a weekly tip from Tennis.Pro sent to your inbox.
  • Subscription based training library – Looking for a complete online tennis resource? Join Tennis.Pro’s subscription based video library. In these videos Tennis.Pro will take you through the SME system and show you drills and exercises you can use to develop these fundamentals on your own. If you’re a coach, this library provides you with 100+ hours of professional education that you can use to bring a whole new dimension to your own coaching. Click here to see a sample and sign up today.
  • Short term improvement program – Don’t have the time or finances to commit to overhauling your game? Maybe you’re prepping for a tournament and just need to fine tune something or you don’t live in the Houston, TX area. The short term improvement program may be the right fit for you. Click here to learn more about it and find out if the short term improvement program is the right answer for your training needs.
  • Long-term development program – Ready to take your game to a whole new level and have the time and patience to do so? Click here and listen to learn about this program.

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